Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Services Steel Bending Services

With our brand new 2010 purchase of CNC control bending equipment, cones and transitions from light gauge to 1 1/4" thick is very accomplishable.  With our professional steel bending services we can provide you the perfect angle that is required. Know we got you covered for any steel bending services.


Steel Bending Services with Keech Steel

Here at Keech Steel our expert professionals can provide you with the highest quality of metal bending services. With our brand new CNC controlled, metal bending equipment, which was just purchased in 2010, you can feel confident in having industry leading equipment working for you.


Our CNC press brakes will provide you with the product you need. Our bending equipment is leading in the industry so you can be assured your end product will be exactly what you want when you want it!

With our Utah steel bending services you can be assured there will be no complications.


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