Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Steel Fabrication Services

Keech Steel Corporation in Utah is a steel fabrication company that understands the industry and the importance of time management and production.

Our four key steel fabrication services includes:

Metal Welding, our welders are ASME and AWS certified. Metal Bending, with our industry leading equipment we will have your steel the shape you want it. Metal Rolling, our metal forming process can create cylinders, cones, and ovals easily if needed. Metal Machining, our professional machinists can provide you with exact custom specification.

View our steel fabrication services below and lets get your project in the hands of Keech Steel professionals by getting your free quote today!

With our Utah welding services our welders  are ASME and AWS certified. Our skilled welders through many years of experience have mastered the art of welding. We offer the following welding types: shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), fluxed-cored arc welding (FCAM), gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).


Keech steel rolling services includes cylinders, cones, ovals, or just about anything. We include channel rolling, beam rolling, angle rolling, and rectangular and square rolling. Our rolling is CNC controlled and capacities are 10 foot wide at 1/2 inch thick. Get your project done professionally and on time. Get our steel rolling services today.


With our brand new 2010 purchase of CNC control bending equipment, cones and transitions from light gauge to 1 1/4" thick is very accomplishable.  With our professional steel bending services we can provide you the perfect angle that is required. Know we got you covered for any steel bending services.


Our steel machining services includes lathes, mills, and drills presses. We can mechanically cut material the desired geometry you need. Our steel machinist understand the importance of flat surfaces and close tight fits. With our steel machining services you will understand how we are able to get you high quality product with on time delivery.